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When Life and Design Meet

Hello beautiful one, yes, you,
Do you crave a place in your home that feels like an oasis to rest from the demands of your busy life?
Do you crave a space in your world of to do lists and multi-tasking to call your own?
Not sure what that would even look like or even if that is possible?
It is and I can help because I have craved all of those things, as well and have learned how to feel comfortable & rejuvenated in my home and life even with the to do lists and multi-tasking.
It doesn’t hurt that I have a design background, 4 beautiful, crazy kids, have been a partner with my husband in our construction business for the last 12 years and what I like to call a super power of thriving with chronic illness.
Life & design have always been intertwined for me and I love helping others design a life that they love as well.

Starlight Services

Our external physical space is often a reflection of how we feel internally. Even if we portray to the outside world an image of confidence, success, independence, we might not feel like that on the inside. The cluttered bedroom no one sees but us or kitchen we hate going into because it just doesn’t feel right becomes the metaphor of what we feel about ourselves. Life doesn’t have to be this way. I can help you turn your home into a sanctuary worthy of the amazing, loving human being you are.
What happens when we learn to schedule like a pro? When we learn creative design (DIY or not)? When we learn to celebrate this life, even to see the beauty in the chaos? What happens when we allow ourselves the space to design the life we love? It feels like freedom. It feels like a long awaited exhale after holding your breath. It feels like ͞drop to your knees grateful for this life. It feels simple. It feels peaceful. Let’s get started, lovely.


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