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I believe that our external physical space directly mirrors how we feel about ourselves internally. My services and packages often intertwine the two, because as with everything in this life it is all connected. Take a peek and see if one looks interesting to you.


For the past 13 years, my husband & I have owned & operated our construction company, Hammer Head Construction. We live on the beautiful Oregon Coast and love to help bring people’s dream of a beach home to life. Come to the beach and let’s create a custom, cozy beach home for you.


Distance is not relative when it comes to my Satellite Interiors Services. Thanks to brilliant technology, I can help you design a space from my home to your home. After our initial consultation about your design needs, vision, and budget, I craft a Starlight Design plan tailored just for you. Schedule your consultation today for your special space.


Often we are so busy multi-tasking, that to really make a change in our lives we need to step out of our lives for a minute. We might need more space and time to see that we are whole, loved and worthy of love. Creating a space where women can absorb this information without feeling tugged a million different directions is something I love to do. Imagine soul replenishing, body healing, healthy connections. Imagine yummy food, cozy blankets, the sound of the ocean. Feels good, doesn’t it?


Finding Starlight in the Dark

Need to shine some light on areas of your life that are not working for you? It might be time to invest in creating a space for yourself spiritually & emotionally. This program can be tailored just for you to help in this process. Let’s find some starlight, dear one.

Finding Your Sacred Rhythm

Feeling overwhelmed with too many commitments and not enough time? Are you a morning person or does the thought of functioning early give you hives? Are you a world class procrastinator? If so, this might help. Tap into what you are good at and learn to create space to make your life work for you. Sounds good, right? Let’s start.

Reiki Space Clearing

The Reiki Space Clearing session helps to remove stagnant energy in a home or business to improve our lives in general. Science has proven that everything in the universe is comprised of energy which is constantly flowing, changing and affecting all areas of our lives. Energy levels in the places we live, work, shop and socialize can have far-reaching effects on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Sound interesting to you? Contact me for more information on this amazing technique.

Love from my clients

Don’t just take it from me, check out the raves from my clients!

“I initially met Tara at a conference in Portland, Oregon in January 2015. I was drawn to her immediately, as she has a stunning presence both inside and out. After getting to know her further and working with her over the ensuing months, it quickly became apparent that Tara is incredibly spiritually tapped in.

The depth and breadth of her own personal experiences have fostered an extremely high level of empathy in Tara. She also has a wonderful, wicked sense of humor to boot. And although she delivers her wisdom and love with the gentleness of an angel, she is simultaneously fiercely strong. She listens deeply, and allows me to be totally authentic in a safe space.

She also is able to reframe seeming problems in a new light, which encourages me to see potential solutions that I hadn’t before. Maybe most importantly, Tara has helped me get comfortable with being seen in the world. All in all, Tara has been a joy to work with, and I would highly recommend her beautiful approach to others!”

Sunny Joy McMillan

Attorney, Life Coach, Radio Host , Owner of GoldenOversoul

After years of ignoring my body and its needs my body said enough. When everything I had tried had failed, I reached out to Tara. Tara helped me to come to peace with my body. Her love, trust, insight, and knowledge enabled me to be present and accepting of where my body was now. She helped me find my inner beauty.

She allowed me time but gently prodded me to reenter my life and live it from a place of authenticity. If that was all Tara did it would have been more than enough. Tara didn’t stop there, she helped me create space in my home that was uniquely mine. A place where I could go and find peace. A place that represented everything I am and do.

If you are looking to find peace with your body and create a place of peace in your home, look no further than Tara. Get ready to be seen and heard in a way you never have been before. Your life will be changed in the best ways possible.

Michelle DeMello

Life Coach, In Search of Glitter

I love working with Tara. When I need to talk with someone who can see the whole picture, who can accurately sense what is not being spoken and can intuit what needs to happen, Tara is my go-to person.
Her gifts in navigating the world of design are easy to see and beautiful through and through. Tara is able to feel what the client needs and translate that into a space that is beautiful, aligned and delicious. But her true gifts lay in the magic.

Tara has the rare ability to create and hold space for people to feel safe, loved and alive and do with their inner lives, what she does in her design work with external lives. When you work with Tara, you will experience a comforting, nurturing, completely liberating place that allows for true inspiration. If you have a chance to work with Tara, grab it. She has helped me more than she’ll ever know.

Pam Ballo

President & Founder, Pam Ballo, Inc.

My husband and I purchased what we thought was our home away from home in July of 2014. It was a furnished condo steps from the ocean with a fabulous view, however the condo was straight out of the 80s. The walls were donned with every shade of pink imaginable. The furniture was large, bulky, plush and pastel. The dining chairs were not only on wheels, but actually reclined. As a second home, we felt we could live with the decor and take our time updating the place. However, that is not what the universe had in store for us.

We were at a place in our lives where we needed a fresh start and a place of healing.

My husband had been previously diagnosed with a terminal illness and by October 2014, we realized we needed a place where we could enjoy life and be happy again. He retired, I quit my job, and we decided to move into our beach oasis full time. The only problem was the condo was far from an oasis. That is when I met Tara with Starlight Life. As I explained my situation, likes, dislikes, and desires of what the condo would be like, Tara took in every word. I had a terminally ill husband and a 4 year-old; I was in the process of moving from Nevada to Oregon; and I was just launching my career in Real Estate all at the same time.

To say I needed flexibility is an understatement. Tara was able to design our entire condo, remotely and over the internet using Pinterest. She put everything together from the paint on the walls to the entire kitchen remodel. She helped us pick and place furniture and artwork. She also helped us remove and rearrange walls to help with the overall flow to effectively maximize every square inch of the condo.

I feel like Tara’s understanding of what we needed went deeper than just decorations and paint colors. She understood what we needed to make our home functional and comfortable. She was reliable, but most importantly she took our ideas, embraced them and made them better. She never tried to change our mind or stick to a pre-conceived plan she had. Because of Tara, we have our oasis and our place of healing and happiness. So many wonderful memories have been made over the past year and we look forward to making many more. —

Krysten Polvado

Broker Licensed in the State of Oregon, Windermere Distinctive Coastal Properties

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you help me design a living space if we do not live close to each other?

Good question! I used to ask the same question, until I started asking, Why not? We have amazing technology to connect including skype, facetime, emails and one of my favorite tools is Pinterest. It is simple to navigate and I can collaborate to create a room or even a house of your dreams. I’d love to show you how I use this and other tools.

How can you create a living space that will help create a healing space or sanctuary?

This is where my design skills meld with my ability to hear what you really need. I have had need to create my own healing spaces and sanctuaries and to be able to share that gift is something I love to do the most. I believe our physical space directly relates to how we show up in our emotional world. Finding harmony for both is where the real healing begins.

What does a Holistic Lifestyle Consultant mean?

To me, it means to help create a lifestyle that not only sustains your physical world, but your emotional world as well. It is all encompassing. I do know that this means different things for different people. That is why I consult, not direct. This is your life, not mine or anyone else’s. My desire is to help create a space either physically or emotionally that allows you to see this, so that you can be the best you, possible. You are unique and we need you to go out in this world and shine!

What are your qualifications?

I have over 17 years of experience in Construction and Design. 12 of those have included owning Hammer Head Construction with my husband. I went to Pacific University & Portland State to study art & design. I am also a certified Level II Reiki Practitioner. These coupled with a myriad of other training courses regarding subjects as diversified as domestic violence awareness to aesthetics combine to create a unique mix of qualifications that has brought much value to my clients.

What do you mean by creating or holding emotional space?

This is where the fun begins. Have you ever spent time somewhere and just the surroundings inspired you to see something a new way or have a new plan? I can hold a space so that the volume of your mind clutter, self doubt and worry can be turned down, so that you can be inspired to see or hear yourself in a new way. Being certified Level II Reiki has helped hone this ability even more. I have multiple programs to help with this process. It is all about helping you get space to hear yourself. The possibilities are endless when we can do this!


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